… is the mantra of 2ND ONE – according to us, jeans should be an affordable luxury and a cool way to express your personal style. Our ambition is to take cool jeans one step further by designing a fun and different fashion statement which is easy to wear. Since our customers are at the heart of our philosophy we want to make jeans so affordable, that you can buy several pairs of jeans in order to play around with your look in a cool and edgy way.


2ND ONE was founded in 2013 by Carit Løvdal. The first collection was introduced to the market for spring 2013. The Copenhagen based brand believes that jeans should be a way to explore your look; try on new colours, prints and styles season by season. The brand is currently available in 11 countries worldwide.


To ensure that we are always ahead of the hottest trends, we introduce four collections each year. Most of our styles are slim fit jeans in a wide variety of colours, prints and designs at a very attractive price point. We design denim jeans for the confident, urban, outgoing girl who is a fashion pioneer and likes to inspire others with her personal style.

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