Don’t Believe The Hype

The Daft Punks of fashion still don‘t show their faces, but they are still hungry
to boost the world of fashion. After the incredible world wide statement T-shirts
and sweatshirt success, now its the time to create something completely new.
Within their new collection Dont Believe The Hype puts the focus on the ‚Cocooning‘
look and convinces with runway looks as oversized coats and faux fur jackets in
unique color mixes.

The high quality combined with the commercial prices reflects the philosophy of
DBTH.. which is to not take fashion too serious, by wearing luxury styles and just
having fun with it.

Not only saving money, also saving an animal!

The commitment to every single piece of the collection and the passion and time invested,
makes every style so worth a hashtag!

The two designers, who’s identity is still hidden from the fashion scene, hit premium
contemporary stores from from Berlin KaDeWe to Dubai and Kuwait with Aiisthi.
The new collection is devided in three hypes:


DBTH – to be continued!

Dont believe your eyes – for the incredible prices.
Dont believe your sense – for that incredible quality touch.
Dont believe the last hype – here is the new hype!